The Plitvice lakes are a beautiful almost-untouched section of natural Croatian forest almost...



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Annapurna Trek

Annapurna Trek Nepal My wife and I did an Annapurna Trek of Nepal for seven straight days on our honeymoon.  If you’ve ever thought about doing something different for your honeymoon, or have ever wanted to trek Nepal,...

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  • AL on CamdenTOLD you bro! Camden is the shiz! shame you didnt get to check a few of the metal clubs... theyre all sorts
  • aussieontour on The DolomitesYeah. Note to self... The festival happened in Pozza di Fazza in very-late July.
  • Al on PaestumHi Great site by the way. What are the people like. We hear so much about Maffioso influences and religious taxation limiting
  • aussieontour on PaestumWell, that's quite a deep question there Al. Um. No, I didn't see any indications of that going on, but I was
  • Mez on PlitviceAre you guys sure that your not currently honeymooning..... this is SO unfair, but i'm very happy to see you guys so
  • Evan on PlitviceGlad you guys went to Plitvice. Brilliant place, one of my favourites during our travels last year. I'm jealous that you got
  • Bec on PlitviceHey guys!! It looks like you're have an amazing time over there, i'm very jealous - wish i was still overseas!! Today
  • Marielle on Jimmy’s PlaceThe above is all true except for one thing. Adem is great, Jimmy sucks. He gives you attention when you stay longer

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