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We contacted hundreds of Australian hotels and accommodation owners, and found they were unhappy with paying the 15% of every booking, every day, going to either a European or American-owned mass-booking-engine corporation.

The Aussie On Tour Network is currently building a powerful local network to allow you to book Australian accommodation establishments directly, meaning, you soon won’t have to pay the extra 15% “booking fee” charged by most of the “big name” mass-booking-engines. This is not only good news for you, the Aussie-traveller, but also the establishment owner.

We developed the Aussie On Tour Network to give Australian travellers the fastest and easiest hotel, flight, cruise and accommodation options at the best possible prices. We also developed it for owners of local accommodation establishments to build a network where the money spent stays in Australia. Aussie On Tour do not take any percentage of bookings. If you are an owner of an Australian hotel, b&b or accommodation establishment, please visit our advertising page for information on how to join our growing popular travel network.

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Annapurna Trek

annapurna trek

Annapurna Trek Nepal

My wife and I did an Annapurna Trek of Nepal for seven straight days on our honeymoon.  If you’ve ever thought about doing something different for your honeymoon, or have ever wanted to trek Nepal, I’m sure you’ll get something out of this short, absolutely riveting mini-movie about Nepal and the Annapurna Region.

How safe is water while travelling?

water while travelling

Without trying to scare anyone travelling, I feel compelled to write this article on the safety of water while travelling.

As adults, a lot of us know not to drink the water in certain countries. I guess that’s why a lot of these bottled-water companies are making so much money. We know that we can get a pesky stomach bug, so we pay a couple of bucks a pop for bottled water from a magical mountain stream in New Zealand, or the like.

I’m sure we all have our stories. Mine comes from Istanbul when some water from my shower got in my mouth the night before I was supposed to go and visit Gallipoli. You can just imagine what I was doing all night long in the bathroom. Lucky for me, there was another tour the day after, so I still got to go.

A 24-hour stomach bug is one thing. However, this is not why I write this article.

Travel With Kids

travel with kids children

Travelling with kids does not have to be a major drama. So many new parents are scared to go off travelling with their new children. Although it may be best to wait until your kids are over 5 (5 and 7 works great!) it can be one of the best experiences you have as a family, whenever you choose to do it.

The secret ingredients to an easy, fun-filled trip when travelling with kids is to pay attention to their needs. Ensure you find a balance between plenty of rest time whilst also having lots of activities for them to do along the way.

The golden rule here is, bored and overtired kids can easy develop a heavy dose of “the cranks”.

Let’s not forget here, your style of travelling has now officially changed from solo travellers to family travellers. You can still have as much fun, if not even more fun, with this new style of travelling… you just need to follow some of these guidelines we have developed to ensure you stand a chance of winning on tour with kids.

2012 Mayan Calendar Explained


Aussie On Tour visited the Mayan Ruins in Guatemala and Mexico in the middle of 2011. What you see here is an unbiased and clear explanation as to why the Mayan Calendar ended in 2012 and what everyone expected to happen. Obviously we’re still here, so the end of the Mayan Calendar did not spell the end of life on Earth as we know it. It did not even see a reset switch on Earth, as was predicted. But it did see the Mayan Calendar be reset to Year Zero. Who knows what exactly this means?

We hope you enjoy the video we made.

Zip lining Costa Rica

zip lining costa rica

Ever wondered what it’s like to go zip lining across a mountain gorge in Costa Rica?  How about “Superman” across the sky from one mountain top to another?  Pretend you’re “Tarzan” maybe?

Lorna and I put our fear of heights to the test in Monte Verda, Costa Rica, with an awesome bunch of people on an Intrepid Tour.

If you watch this video, you will be booking your next flight to Costa Rica as soon as you can find your credit card…



My introduction to Edinburgh was inauspicious, to say the least. Arriving at our Edinburgh Hotel after a three hour drive from the highlands, my friend Sue and I were greeted by a note blu-tacked to the door reading, HAD AN EMERGENCY. CHECK-IN AFTER 8.30PM. LEFT LUGGAGE IN RAILWAY, and a phone number to call should we have any problems.

We naturally called to see what the deal was, and twenty minutes later a man wearing a skirt and a slightly crazed expression arrived to let us in. He demanded we surrender our passports (not standard procedure in the UK), called us cheapskates for only booking when he’d lowered the prices (we didn’t, we’d booked a couple of months in advance and were paying top-dollar), and then began to complain at length about fussy Australian backpackers (perhaps explaining why he had an empty hostel in a city positively crawling with Australian backpackers). It took all of five minutes in his presence for us to decide we would find somewhere else to stay for the night.

My second trip to Edinburgh began under equally inauspicious circumstances. It was the first week of December and unseasonable snowfalls were closing airports across the British Isles. I’d spent the previous five weeks kicking about in Ireland with friends, and chose that week of all weeks to start my exciting new life as an Aussie working-holiday maker in Edinburgh. Three days of aborted trips to the airport and a couple of Dublin-priced pints later I made it to Edinburgh, only to be greeted by a city thrown into chaos by unprecedented snowfalls.


Eiffel TowerLorna and I hopped off the train at Gare du Nord Station in Paris only to realise we had to catch another couple of trains if we were ever going to be out of the below-freezing conditions and safely in our relatively cheap hotelroom in Montmartre. For those of you who’ve never been to Montmartre, it’s the cool, artsy-type part of Paris with lots of cool restaurants, bars and clubs. Live touring bands generally play here and it’s also where the strip-clubs are. If you’re looking for night-time party action, this is where you want to book your room. Montmartre’s a little-bit edgy but a whole-lot cool.

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