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Why join the Aussie On Tour Network as a hotel, b&b or accommodation establishment?

We spoke to hundreds of hotels and b&b’s across Australia and visited dozens of managers in-person to get to the core-concern of hotel and accommodation bookings on the internet in our industry.

One of the main gripes we heard was, “I am sick of 15% – 20% of each booking, every day, going to a European or American corporation.”

Many hotel owners and managers also noted there were no other local competing alternatives.

Since 2012, we have spent a six-figure amount securing the most premium domain names in the Australian accommodation industry. Names like,),,),),) etc… all in the aid of building a powerful Australian accommodation website network.

And here we are, ready to go, in mid-2016.

We hope to be able to take back Australian accommodation, hotel and b&b bookings from the overseas corporations currently dominating our industry.

We call this initiative, the Aussie On Tour Network.


What’s involved in joining the Aussie On Tour Network?

We ask that you include the Aussie On Tour Network logo prominently on your website, and a sticker on the counter, or on the front door of your reception area. The more hotel and accommodation sites that display the logo, the more customers will trust the Aussie On Tour Network and use it exclusively. This will be a great thing for all involved.

Once you are an official member, you will receive the logos.

By prominently displaying the Aussie On Tour logo, we hope it will eventually lead to a majority of customers declining to use the mass-booking-engine websites, thus eradicating the 15% surcharge that is added to every single booking. Your rooms will be at least 10% cheaper for the customer. The customer will appreciate that they are saving money, that the establishment is receiving the full-amount of the payment, and their money is staying in Australia.

aussie on tour travel network


How does the Aussie On Tour Network secure bookings for me?

The network is already powerful, as you can see in the above illustration, with thousands of customers using various sites every day. But this is only the tip of the iceberg.

To see all the sites on our network, you should take a few minutes to explore our sites using the navigation bar that appears as the top-header-menu on every single website in our network. It looks exactly like this:

Take a moment to explore some of the websites we offer in the above navigation bar before you read on…


If you decide to become part of the Aussie On Tour Network, we suggest you continue using your current booking methods alongside the Aussie On Tour Network until you feel comfortable that you don’t need to use them anymore.

In terms of how the network will secure more bookings for you… We place your direct-booking code (which leads directly to your own website) on the appropriate website on the Aussie On Tour Network.

For example, if you run a 3-bedroom B&B in Margaret River, we will place your direct-booking code on the website. In this way, customers who are browsing the network will be able to make the booking with you directly, bypassing the mass-booking-engines and ensuring you receive the booking and the full payment for yourself.

We spend a lot of time coding SEO (to ensure your business on the local accommodation website can be found organically in Google Search) and also maintain hundreds of daily adwords campaigns (as explained below) for each website on our network to ensure you receive bookings from appearing on the network every day.


How do you market my hotel or accommodation establishment?

Perhaps you already know how Google Adwords works. Perhaps not. Let us break it down for you.

Let’s use a small B&B establishment in Margaret River as an example.

Right now, if you type into Google Search, Margaret River Accommodation, you will most probably see the first three results as follows:

trivago bookings airbnb

As you can see, these European and American corporations have bumped every local possibility out of the running. Instead of local websites, they are promoting their overseas “trademark” for every geographic location in Australia, creating a monopoly, where they can charge 15% for every booking. This now means customers and owners of accommodation establishments currently have no other local option, but to use these particular overseas corporate mass-booking-engine websites to book accommodation online.

This is where the Aussie On Tour Network is making a big change…

travel network affiliate advertising


As you can see from our current live example above, both customers and hotel owners alike, are now clicking to make their Margaret River bookings as a LOCAL and DIRECT booking option. This will save the customer 10% and give back the accommodation establishment full control over their image.

Surely Australians would rather visit – than one of the overseas trademark corporation sites?

You will also see we never promote the “Aussie On Tour Network“, but simply (as an example of one of the sites on our network). And this is really how it should have been all along, don’t you think? Instead of these mass-booking-engine corporations promoting their own trademark throughout the Australian accommodation industry.

booking engine domination data

Let’s now dig deep into the math and data behind how these overseas corporate mass-booking-engine’s work…

It’s not as hard and complicated as these mass-booking-engine corporations would have you believe.

Let’s keep working with the Margaret River Accommodation option.

On researching Google Adwords, Google tells us that for every time someone visits one of the above links, those companies are paying $4.11 per click. That is per click!

We have not made this figure up. This is a fact, as reported as the current approximate cost, per-click, that an advertiser currently pays on Google to have you click-through to their “Margaret River Accommodation” booking option.

Google Adwords research also tells us that approximately 9900 people, per month, in Australia-only, are searching for this exact “Margaret River Accommodation” phrase.

If we do the math here, and assuming the above companies are gaining 15% per booking (let’s call this $15 per booking) then that means between the three largest mass-booking-engine companies, and the 9900 customers who are booking with them for this particular destination every month, they are sharing $148,500 every month. This works out to $49,500 to each of them, every month. And this is just a very conservative figure for Margaret River Accommodation alone!

How about their expenses, though?

Well, that’s easy. On average, 3300 customers click on each their adverts, at $4.11 per click… This means each company roughly pays $13,563 in Google Adwords fees per month. Again, just for Margaret River.

This means that the $49,500 booking fee they receive each month from Margaret River bookings, minus the $13,563 Adwords fees, sees them make a profit of at least $35,937 each month. And again, that is just from the term “Margaret River Accommodation” alone. And that has nothing to do with what the hotel or accommodation establishment is receiving. Let’s not forget, there are plenty more terms for accommodation in Margaret River and thousands of other places to stay in Australia, which means even more profit for the mass-booking-engines that go overseas.


How much does it cost me, per month, to have my hotel or accommodation establishment appear on the Aussie On Tour Network?

We are about to show you how much extra money you will make by utilising our Australian-based network system, and how much money your customers will save. It is a win-win situation for Australian hotel owners and accommodation establishments, and Australian customers alike.

The following table shows the actual traffic we are capturing OVER A FEW HOURS ON A SINGLE DAY for people searching Google for various keywords relating to finding accommodation in Margaret River:

accommodation marketing australia

As you can see from the above search terms, we are receiving mostly a 100% click-through rate. Which means, the two people who have typed in “margaret river private holiday homes” have both clicked on our website to book their accommodation.

Let’s now talk about how much we charge you for our intensive accommodation marketing service.

We charge you a monthly fee, depending on the number of rooms you have.

If you are a 3-bedroom B&B, the mass-booking-engine sites would charge you at least $15 per day, per room. This works out to approximately $45 per day. Times that by 30 days and you are paying $1350 per month to the mass-booking-engine sites, assuming  you were booked every day for that month.

Based on this equation, we charge you only a fraction of this figure. And we use most of this to fight against the mass-booking-engine companies by investing this money in Google Adwords fees, to ensure our network appears right beside their own adverts.

The exact formula we use to figure out your monthly fee is as follows:

Your Average Room Price (per night) x Your Number of Rooms x 30 days x 2% = X

We believe this keeps it fair for everyone.

In this case, a 3-bedroom B&B that charges $100 per room, per night, would pay $180 per month to appear on the Aussie On Tour Network.

This would mean you should only add 2% to your normal room rate (instead of the 15% the mass-booking-engines charge). This reduces your room rate pricing by 13%! The customer will of course be very happy saving 10% off the room price! And the customer will soon see that bookings made on the Aussie On Tour Network are always at least 10% cheaper than the mass-booking-engine websites, with almost all of the money going to the owner of the accommodation establishment directly and staying in Australia.

Our method also ensures you have no further marketing costs.

With the Aussie On Tour Network, you are advertising from a premium Australian domain name, and we are taking care of all the Google Adwords and SEO marketing side of things for you.

How do I know if the Aussie On Tour Network is working for me?

We provide you with monthly reports stating unique visitor numbers to your specific section on our website. This will clearly show if our SEO and Adwords techniques are working. This should directly correlate to the bookings you are receiving.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Here are our basic Rules and Conditions:

  • No lock-in terms.
  • Pay monthly, or yearly.
  • Your payment is automatically deducted from your account every 30 days.
  • To cancel, simply email us and we will cancel your next payment (but continue to market your establishment until the end of the current month)
  • Any questions, please call 1300 76 55 66 (Australia) anytime or email us.

Here is our Australian-owned promise:

As the Aussie On Tour Network grows, larger overseas companies may try to slow our momentum by offering to buy us out.

Our promise to every local Australian hotel, B&B and accommodation establishment owner is simply this:

We will NEVER allow the Aussie On Tour Network to be sold to an overseas company. Full stop.

Are you ready to change the Australian accommodation industry for good?

We are, and we hope you are too.

Australia was late to the game, in terms of digital branding of our own hotel and accommodation industry. Our goal is to make the Aussie On Tour Network Australia’s own accommodation hub so we can take back control of our own industry!

The bottom line is this:

The only thing the mass-booking-engines are doing for you, is taking 15% and clumping you with dozens of other competitor accommodation options in your specific area. Their main marketing effort is merely Google Adwords! We can take care of that for you, at a fraction of the monthly cost, and build a network that will see only quality local accommodation establishments, dominate Google Adwords, and see all the business and money stay during these transactions stay in Australia, where they belong. It’s as simple as that.

If you feel like chatting to one of us right now, before diving in, please feel free to call 1300 76 55 66

Note: It’s best to call during normal business hours, but if you call after hours, if no one answers, please leave a message and we will get back to you soon!

Please fill out the following form, and one of our staff dedicated to marketing your geographic location in Australia will be in touch with more information regarding your specific circumstance.