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Fethiye is a small town in the south of Turkey, on the Mediterranean coast. We arrived after a five-hour bus ride from Selcuk, to Aydin then Fethiye. The good buses in Turkey have comfy seats, TVs on the back of every seat and a dude serving you tea and coffee every hour. It’s like being on a plane but heaps better because you can look out at the scenery. Fethiye is a major tourist town as it’s the hub for a lot of cool tours and island cruises. Unfortunately this also means accommodation prices are high and you get...

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After the disappointment of missing out on the Samaria Gorge in Crete, (the only negative thing we’ve experienced for being out-of-season), we were looking forward to seeing the most iconic Greek Island . . . Santorini. First up I got majorly ripped-off on the ferry tickets paying 100 euros for Rob and I to take the fast, two-hour vomitorium-ferry, instead of the 40-euro, four-hour cruise.  Let me tell you there is no room to move once they’ve printed the tickets, even before you’ve okayed them, with Superjet Ferries. Once they have your money, that’s it! But. We got over...

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Verona, Italy

As you travel across northern Italy the list of sites is endless. It’s very easy to spread yourself too thin trying to see as much as possible, and equally as easy to stop and never leave many of the captivating towns that you encounter. One such place that can sometimes slip under the radar is fair Verona. Verona is a magical, romantic town that you can spend days getting lost in and where fictional characters take on life and become a reality. You can almost imagine that the story of Romeo and Juliet actually took place here (it is...

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Anyone who ever tells you that Nice is not nice has truly not experienced this jewel of a town. The beaches shimmer with brown bodies strewn across fist-sized smooth rocks and the town itself is full of narrow alleys and market stalls with some of the friendliest people we’ve come across. Over three days and nights we were barely exposed to the so-called “French” attitude we’ve all heard about. My boyfriend and I flew to Nice from London via the EasyJet; a two hour, no-frills flight – but all you need for the short hop across to mainland Europe....

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  • AL on CamdenTOLD you bro! Camden is the shiz! shame you didnt get to check a few of the metal clubs... theyre all sorts
  • aussieontour on The DolomitesYeah. Note to self... The festival happened in Pozza di Fazza in very-late July.
  • Al on PaestumHi Great site by the way. What are the people like. We hear so much about Maffioso influences and religious taxation limiting
  • aussieontour on PaestumWell, that's quite a deep question there Al. Um. No, I didn't see any indications of that going on, but I was
  • Mez on PlitviceAre you guys sure that your not currently honeymooning..... this is SO unfair, but i'm very happy to see you guys so
  • Evan on PlitviceGlad you guys went to Plitvice. Brilliant place, one of my favourites during our travels last year. I'm jealous that you got
  • Bec on PlitviceHey guys!! It looks like you're have an amazing time over there, i'm very jealous - wish i was still overseas!! Today
  • Marielle on Jimmy’s PlaceThe above is all true except for one thing. Adem is great, Jimmy sucks. He gives you attention when you stay longer

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