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Welcome to Aussie On Tour!

Aussie On Tour is the largest family of accommodation, hotel and B&B websites in Australia! We offer you the fastest and most-direct way to book local accommodation. Open our premium network of travel websites & click around Australia or the world… to reserve accommodation directly with the owners of the establishment. We contacted hundreds of Australian hotels and accommodation owners, and found they were unhappy with paying the 15% of every booking, every day, going to either a European or American-owned mass-booking-engine corporation. The Aussie On Tour Network is currently building a powerful local network to allow you to book Australian accommodation establishments directly, meaning, you soon won’t have to pay the extra 15% “booking fee” charged by most of the “big name” mass-booking-engines. This is not only good news for you, the Aussie-traveller, but also the establishment owner. We developed the Aussie On Tour Network to give Australian travellers the fastest and easiest hotel, flight, cruise and accommodation options at the best possible prices. We also developed it for owners of local accommodation establishments to build a network where the money spent stays in Australia. Aussie On Tour do not take any percentage of bookings. If you are an owner of an Australian hotel, b&b or accommodation establishment, please visit our advertising page for information on how to join our growing popular travel network. Thanks for choosing the Aussie On Tour Network to make your travel bookings....

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Annapurna Trek

Annapurna Trek Nepal My wife and I did an Annapurna Trek of Nepal for seven straight days on our honeymoon.  If you’ve ever thought about doing something different for your honeymoon, or have ever wanted to trek Nepal, I’m sure you’ll get something out of this short, absolutely riveting mini-movie about Nepal and the Annapurna Region. Please keep in mind, whilst I was doing the voiceover for this buy furosemide online australia amazing Nepalese adventure, I was channeling the Leyland Brothers. Older Aussies would know who I’m talking about. The Leyland Brothers were old-school travelling Aussies. Legends now! Although Nepal has totally changed now since the devastating earthquake, if you’ve ever wanted to do the Annapurna Trek in Nepal, hopefully this short video will give you a good idea of what Nepal used to be like. I’m sure it’s not too different now that things are getting back to normal over there. We can’t wait to go again in a few years. Not only to see that amazing Himalayan view again, but to support the amazing and friendly local Nepalese people. Visit to book the best-priced flights to Nepal from Australia. Press play on the Nepal video below and...

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How safe is water while travelling?

Without trying to scare anyone travelling, I feel compelled to write this article on the safety of water while travelling. As adults, a lot of us know not to drink the water in certain countries. I guess that’s why a lot of these bottled-water companies are making so much money. We know that we can get a pesky stomach bug, so we pay a couple of bucks a pop for bottled water from a magical mountain stream in New Zealand, or the like. I’m sure we all have our stories. Mine comes from Istanbul when some water from my...

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Travel With Kids

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