Coming from Slovenia we were only going to do a drive-by of Triest on our way to Venice. But once we saw how beautiful the city was (and that it wasn’t as intense as Genoa – even though it’s another major Italian port) we decided to find a campground just out of town.

Obelisco Camping is on top of a massive hill that overlooks the ocean, about five kilometres out of Triest. To get to the city (and this is the best part) you catch a tram directly outside the campgrounds. Due to the steepness of the hill leading into the city, the tram needs a rollercoaster machine to catch it at the top of the hill and slowly take it down on rollercoaster-type casters. It’s pretty cool watching how it all works as you coast down to the city.

First stop was a nice little bar called Super Bar. There are all sorts of tapas-type food over the bar that you can snack on, as long as you buy a drink. The drinks are all about one euro more expensive, but you definitely get value-for-money as you snack on the quality taste-testers they have to offer.

Then it was a stroll around the various alleyways and shops around the Piazza Unita d’Italia, before watching the sun set from the port and heading back to eat spaghetti at the quaint little restaurant at Obelisco. The food and people there are nice.

For one of the largest ports in Italy, Triest also happens to be one of the nicest. It’s worth stopping by to have a look on your way to Venice and Obelisco campsite is one of the good ones.

Rob Kaay is an Australian author & musician

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