Score: 92%


Recommended for: Couples.

Value for money: 5/5
There’s no real name associated with this quaint little wooden cottage only one kilometer out from Entrance 1 of the Plitvice Lakes in Croatia, so I have decided to call the establishment, the Little Wooden Cottage. A nice lady by the name of Milka owns the house next to the cottage, where she also rents out a few shared-bathroom rooms. The shared-rooms in her house cost $45 AU per night for a couple, but what you really want is the stand-alone wooden dream-house next door, complete with top-quality bed, bathroom, kitchen and wooden fire place for $60 AU per night.

Cleanliness: 5/5
Yeah, it’s bloody clean.

Facilities: 4/5
Well, the whole point of staying here is to become-one with nature. And, trust me, you’ll get that chance. The local shop has barely enough ingredients to make anything decent. Pasta and tuna is your only shot of cooking for yourself. The restaurant is okay down the road, but you don’t want to do that for every meal, surely. I recommend bringing a few days of groceries with you. Being so cut-off here with no internet or phone reception and only wild natural rain-forest surrounding you is magic. Especially if you like exploring and/or writing. Apparently there are bears lurking around in the woods and there are definitely wolves, because I saw one at night while I was writing on the front balcony!

Location: 5/5
The middle-of-nowhere with nothing but the food you bring in, the forest, the wolves and the wooden-fire you just built. And that’s the whole point. Take a complete day to explore Plitvice Lakes about a kilometer away. Get back to basics and become one with the Earth.

Staff: 4/5
Milka is friendly and helpful. She gave us two umbrellas to visit the lakes because it wouldn’t stop raining for the two days we wanted to see them. But… the rain made it even more fun. Don’t be scared. Oh, the little dog’s name is Mary. She’ll try to bite your ankles off on day one, but warms to you over time.

Exact Directions:
Okay. If you’ve got a car, type this address in your GPS and start driving – 16 Plitvicka Jezera, Rastovaka, Croatia, 53231. If you don’t then you need to catch a bus from either Rejika or Zagreb in Croatia to Plitvice Lakes. It should drop you off at Entrance 1. From the bus stop walk on the road back toward Rejika but take the first right, about 200 meters down. Follow the road until you see number 16 and a small wooden stand-alone cottage. Wait and wait until Milka answers the doorbell.