My advice is to only do your washing when you can visibly see a working machine. Or, at least, only do it when you know for a fact you can have it spinning around in sud-land within five minutes. If where to buy duloxetine hcl you have to venture more than one hundred meters away from your current temporary-home (be it tent or hostel or hotel), you should just forget about it and start wearing things inside-out. If you’re extremely desperate, wash four or five items in the bathroom sink with soap and let them drip-dry. Then, wait until a machine presents itself to you in the next few days at a new destination. Destiny will reward you. Trust me, if you wake up one day, all-sweaty after a nightmare about filthy-self-walking-clothes and panic and breathe out the words, “Shit, I think I’d better go and find a washing machine,” you’re going to waste the best part of your day failing to find one and project negative energy all-about the place. Life’s too short to dick-around looking for washing machines.