The Dolomites are an amazing stretch of the Alps that run along the north-eastern border of Italy. I can highly recommend renting a car and driving along the razor-sharp cliff-tops and stopping every so often to take awesome photographs.

I’m not going to harp-on for too much about them, because you’ve really got to see them with your own eyes to believe their true-beauty, and I’ve attached a whole bunch of pictures that me and Lorna Jane took, but… some notable places to stop and check-out are Lake Tovel in Trentino (which used to be blood-red due to the algae living in it, but now has gone clear for some reason – baffling the locals)…

… and Lake Carezza.

One campsite we stayed at on the journey was a place called Camping Vidor in Pozza di Fassa. There weren’t many trees, but because you’re surrounded by gigantic mountains, you kind of let that fact slide. It’s pretty top-notch, actually, with wi-fi access (small cost), a super-clean amenities area with automatic glass doors and private bathrooms, and a great cafe/bar area. We went in summer but I bet it’s even better when the place and surrounding mountains are covered in snow.

As luck would have it, while we were there, a festival was on up on one of the mountains and we went along and took some great photos, ate some food (I had pizza-sized, fried donuts with icing sugar for dinner!), and drank some beer. I wish I could remember what the event was called, but… hopefully from the photos, someone, someday will let me know. Good times!

Rob Kaay is an Australian author & musician

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