How big is our travelling network?

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online hotel accommodation booking reservation system

Why advertise with us?

Our huge type-in traffic!

When American travelers want to visit Australia, exactly 18,100 of them, per month, type in Accommodation Sydney. Around 30% of that figure don’t even bother typing those words in the search form, they simply go straight to the website by typing in Of course, WE own that name, and hundreds more just like it. If your hotel features on one of our websites, you will be seeing more bookings from type-in traffic alone, regardless of our SEO and Adwords domination.

Our search engine power!

You would have found by now that most of our travel websites rank on the first page of a Google Search, with respect to their relevant keywords. This makes our pages very popular, powerful and cross-pollinating. We can place your hotel/resort/villa/accommodation/restaurant on dozens of our pages simultaneously, giving you an instant powerful boost to your brand and website traffic.

The power of our premium $XX,XXX (five-figure) domain names.

Our exact match domain names are authorities of their respective keywords. If someone around the world wants to book a Hotel in Perth, they are going to type into Google Search: Perth Hotels. When they see the domain name at the top of the search results (we also spend lots of money on Google Ads) – that is the very first place they are going to click. If your hotel is prominent and easy to book on the website, you know what happens next. People don’t have a lot of time these days, and if we are providing them a great filter system, and easy option to book your hotel or accommodation, chances are extremely high that they will! Plus, the Australian public will always trust a domain name over any other type of domain name, because they know only registered Australian businesses with ABNs can obtain Australian domain names. That being said, we target the .com version of the website (example: to the American and European audience, because that is the type of domain name that they trust.

Once you start advertising with us, you will find more people viewing your website and booking your hotel or accommodation because of the power of our premium domains. For example, if you run accommodation in Margaret River and people can make a booking for your accommodation at – you can see how this website has quickly become the authority of booking accommodation in Margaret River, Western Australia.


online hotel booking reservation system

Our colour-coded Monthly Plans explained.

To appear on our premium network of travel and accommodation sites, simply choose the monthly plan that suits your business. You can see exactly how your own website will be advertised on our network by viewing the WEBSITE EXAMPLE, matching colour boxes to the various plans.

We do not have any complicated sign up options.

Just choose a colour, fill out the form, submit the required graphics (as instructed) and we will begin promoting your business and website within 24 hours on the relevant website you choose.

You may cancel at any time, but any payment made for the current month is non-refundable. Cancellation notices must be given before date of next payment.

Let us explain our monthly plan options:


Every website we run has a MENU SECTION that your business will fit into. The three main sections available are:

Accommodation / Hotels

Places To Eat

Things To Do

We will promote your business on each website you choose, at the top of your relevant section. The first business to promote themselves in that particular section will stay at the top for as long as they continue to renew their fees. The second business to sign up will appear directly beneath them, and so on… The only way a business can jump above other businesses in a section to the top is to pay a special “Jump me to the top fee”. These fees change according to how many businesses want to be at the top. Please email us for more information if you would like to enquire about this option.

Your Hotel Booking Widget

For no extra charge, as part of some of the offered plans, you can add your personal online HOTEL BOOKING WIDGET CODE to the ACCOMMODATION or HOTEL section of all the websites you choose. In this way, we will include an instant and direct way for your customers to instantly book your service ensuring you are receiving 100% of your bookings, giving nothing away to the, compare-hotel type services.


We are not currently offering our HOTEL BOOKING SYSTEM as of this moment, but we’re working on it…

When we do, things will work like this:

If you don’t yet have an accommodation booking widget on your own website, you can sign up to our very own online HOTEL RESERVATION BOOKING SYSTEM. The cost for this service is NOTHING. ZERO DOLLARS, if you are on one of our monthly plans.

So let us summarize things for you.

For a small monthly fee, we promote your business on our premium domain name websites.

We take NO COMMISSION from any bookings made to your hotel or establishment.

We provide free setup and free ongoing support. This includes guiding you step by step on how to install the system on your own website, and we install your BOOKING CODE on our websites at no extra charge.

And for fun, let us tell you this again: we take NO COMMISSION for bookings to your hotel or accommodation, you receive 100% profit of all bookings (however, the money collected on your behalf is done be a company called Stripe. They take around 2.75% and automatically deposit your money every Friday right into your bank).

An example of how awesome our Hotel Booking Widget is, when you also advertise on our premium domains.

This probably already makes sense to you, but let’s give you an example of how this all comes together. Let’s say you have a hotel in Margaret River, Western Australia. If you sign up to our monthly Gold Plan, for $220 per month, we will place your HOTEL BOOKING WIDGET code on the following 3 websites:, and The combined audience, according to Google Adwords, per month for these 3 websites is 4400 plus 2900 plus 5400, respectively. Which equals 12,700 people, searching for Perth Hotels, Accommodation Margaret River and Rottnest Accommodation each and every month. And let’s face it, these numbers are only going to grow.

If you don’t already have an online HOTEL BOOKING WIDGET that enables you to automate your bookings and credit card payments, as mentioned above, we will supply you with a state of the art system FREE OF CHARGE with one of our plans.

If you want to CHANGE YOUR BOOKING SYSTEM over to our own online HOTEL BOOKING RESERVATION SYSTEM, instead of the current system you’re using, we’d love to have you! Simply choose a plan, and from now on you will only pay a single monthly cost, and we will take NO COMMISSION from your bookings and help with your transition over to our system.


According to the monthly plan, we will place your website banners on your specified website as per the plan option you choose.

Feature Article

Another optional extra, is to have a feature article written about your business on the front page of every website you want to be a part of. This is a professional feature article written by one of our travelling reporters. There are many options to choose from, including having our travel writer visit your establishment, take professional photos, even send a drone up into the sky to take aerial photography of your establishment! Extra fees apply, so look out for this option when you are making your payment if you would like to know the pricing.

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