Without trying to scare anyone travelling, I feel compelled to write this article on the safety of water while travelling.

As adults, a lot of us know not to drink the water in certain countries. I guess that’s why a lot of these bottled-water companies are making so much money. We know that we can get a pesky stomach bug, so we pay a couple of bucks a pop for bottled water from a magical mountain stream in New Zealand, or the like.

I’m sure we all have our stories. Mine comes from Istanbul when some water from my shower got in my mouth the night before I was supposed to go and visit Gallipoli. You can just imagine what I was doing all night long in the bathroom. Lucky for me, there was another tour the day after, so I still got to go.

A 24-hour stomach bug is one thing. However, this is not why I write this article.

I mostly write this water safety while travelling article so you can be careful of your children playing in warm, dirty water. Or, letting children play with hoses in isolated areas where you don’t know the source of the water.

I compel you to read the article I am about to give you, about brain-eating parasites that can get up young children’s noses and rapidly take their life. Again, I don’t write this article to scare people, but for a preventative approach to ensure these parasites don’t come into your child’s life while you are on tour creating awesome memories. The only cure against the devastating parasites is preventing them from getting up your children’s noses in the first place.

brain eating parasites water hose

Although the poor children who died in the following article contracted the parasites from playing with hoses in outback areas in Australia, this of course can happen anywhere in the world where water is not treated properly. Please read this article and share this page on social media so you can at least make an informed decision next time your children play with hoses in new countries while you are on tour – http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-11-09/rural-children-at-risk-of-parasite-thriving-in-fresh-water/6922432