Score: 37%


Recommended for: Camping between stops.

Value for money: 2/5
For around $45 AU a night, two people for one night with a car and tent can stay here. When we visited at the end of July the place was packed and so we were forced to take a $70 AU a night bungalow. It was basically a wooden-shack with two bunk-beds. The owner said the place was packed and we had no other choice than to take the LAST bungalow. He added that the other local campsites were also packed. However, once we paid, we found the park wasn’t too packed and half of the bungalows were empty. He didn’t seem to like our accents too much either, but we had no choice but to stay as it was late. Even though this campsite is in Italy, 80% of the customers and all of the staff seemed to speak German.

Cleanliness: 2.2/5

Facilities: 2.5/5
There’s a fancy restaurant and good-enough bathroom and washing areas.

Location: 1.8/5
Maybe if it’s snowing, there’s more to do. Other than that, you’re just passing-by, in the suburb called Leifers, from Italy, headed for Slovenia or seeing the Dolomites.

Staff: 0.8/5