Score: 82%


Recommended for: Couples or two people.

Value for money: 4/5
For $90 AU for two people per night, it’ll be a time you’ll never forget. Hopefully for good reasons. It’s gets such a high score because http://www.xanax-purchase.comyou’re basically on this little island called Ortigia in Syracusa, only-just connected to Sicily and the beach is magic and the town is unforgettable.

Cleanliness: 4.5/5

Facilities: 3.5/5
You get a clean room with your own bathroom. However, there are a few more rooms on the same level. You feel more like a visitor in Mary’s house (the owner) than a cold-hard-customer. She speaks basic english. There’s no internet, however, if you ask her nicely she’ll let you go to the hotel across the road and use it for free in the reception area. Her mother owns the hotel. Downstairs they also have a restaurant and it’s nice and not too expensive. A little walk down the road will take you to town or to an awesome cliff-side swimming hole. It’s one of my most-favorite places to swim in the world. You feel so isolated and the water is so clean. As you swim, you can look at ancient castles on the towering cliffs around you. Oh, as for your car… you have to park it about a kilometer away in the local parking lot. It is one of the most dodgy-looking dungeons I have ever seen. You will be lucky to ever see anything you leave inside it, ever again. We were lucky on that one, not so much with the wallet on the beach-clifftop though.

Location: 4.5/5
The only reason you’d have come here, is to stay in a nice place like this and take in the town and beach. Again, if you don’t stay at Artemede, then stay at Mary’s mum’s hotel around the corner for an extra $30 a night. There you get your order tramadol online cod overnight own balcony overlooking the ocean and cliffs and mountains.

Staff: 4/5
Mary was nice and looked after us.

Side note:
Remember that you’re in Sicily. I took my wallet with me to sun-bake on the cliff. When I climbed down to take an amazing swim, someone lifted my wallet. There were about ten older-looking-couple around my spot too, so you just can’t trust anyone. Sicily is awesome, but a little bit… edgy. However, this doesn’t affect the score. I would go back in a heart-beat.