Score: 70% ———-

Recommended for: Couples or two-people looking for a loose-budget hotel on the little port of Fethiye.

Value for money: 4/5
I personally walked around for two-hours finding the right hotel in Fethiye. Trust me, it was hard finding this one and I looked through at least six different hotels in the area.  For around $50 AU per night, per room, this is the cleanest one you’re going to find for the price and also in a great location.

Cleanliness: 3.5/5

Facilities: 4/5
The restaurant downstairs is reasonably priced. Wi-fi is available in the comfortable restaurant/lobby area. And, best of all, it’s right on the water as well as only five minutes walk to town with shops and cafes a-plenty. Right outside the restaurant are boats waiting every morning to take you on a 12-island adventure on the Mediterranean just an hour away from Fethiye. You can also go to the bus station, which isn’t far away, and catch a series of buses to Ortyca, then a private boat to Dalyan for a dip in some thermal springs and mud-baths. The boat-trip alone to Dalyan is breath-taking.

Location: 3/5
It’s right on the water and you can catch a boat to the 12-islands off Fethiye.  You can walk for ten-minutes to be in town and shop or grab a coffee or beer. There are plenty of restaurants on the water.

Staff: 3/5
Friendly enough.