The moment my girlfriend and I rocked up to Como in Italy, we got very scared. Apart from having the massive lake, Lake Como, named after it and apart from being incredibly beautiful with houses and villas built on hillsides overlooking the water with glorious restaurants serving the best Italian pasta, Como has a special kind of power. A power that makes you want to sell everything you own back home and move there as soon as possible. It’s scary.

The lake is shaped like a “Y” and its namesake, Como, is located at one end, with Lecco and Colico at the others. In the middle intersection sits Ballagio, and yes, it is the town the Bellagio casino is named after in Las Vegas, America. The three towns we spent most time in include Como, Lenno (not too far from Como) and Bellagio. It’s a different kind of feeling spending your time around a lake order antibiotics for uti instead of the ocean, but Lake Como is so huge that you still get that awesome, “I’m near a large body of water” feeling that a lot of us crave on a daily basis.

As I mentioned earlier, Como is truly a beautiful town where you can boat around in the river or just enjoy some food and drinks from one of the many restaurants that line the coast.

Lenno is only 20km northeast of Como and is just as beautiful. It’s a smaller town with a similar view of the lake and surrounding hillside houses.

Again, you can get on the water in a boat or you can enjoy the view while sipping wine or necking beers. I loved Lenno as much as Como. We decided to stay at a cool little caravan park called Campeggio La Vedo, which wasn’t right on the lake, but was only a ten-minute walk to it. It was around 18 euros, including car parking and had a nice little restaurant and access to an outside freezer.

And then you’ve got Bellagio, which takes you to a whole other level.

The best way to get there from Lenno, is to travel a few minutes up the road to Cadenabbia and get the ferry over to the South shore, where Bellagio is located. And, let’s not forget here, that Bellagio sits in the middle of the “Y” intersection of the lake.

And don’t worry about your car, the ferry is capable of taking that across for you as well for 12 euros.

Like almost every town on Lake Como, in Bellagio you can eat in great restaurants located right on the lake or hike the many hills for a greater view.

If you’re visiting Europe, especially Italy, I can’t stress enough how important it is for you to see Lake Como and visit at least three or four of the towns on the lake. It truly is an amazing experience that you’ll never forget. The only problem is, you may want to sell all your stuff when you get back home and work out a way to move there permanently.


Rob Kaay is an Australian author & musician

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