Sienna is a great little town in Tuscany, Italy. Currently, the town’s claim to fame involves the Palio di Siena, which is a famous horse-race that is held on July 2nd and August 16th each year, and Lorns and I nearly got to see it… but we were a day late. Either way, Sienna is beautiful in its own right with many buildings dating back to the 12th century.

One of the most famous buildings to glare at is the duomo. It was officially completed in 1380 and reminds me of a smaller version of the one in Milan.

The piazza del campo is fun to have a look at, as this is where the Palio horse-race is held twice a year.

Although a little bit sickening and although having to go in alone (Lorna Jane wouldn’t come in with me), I visited Sienna’s Museum of Torture.

I thought I had a fair idea about the extent of pain a human could induce on another of its own kind. I was wrong. As soon as I stepped foot inside this museum, my mind was violently forced open a lot wider. And I’m not sure for-the-better. I won’t mention the worst of it (but you can ask me in person), however the steel-pinned seats and nail-armor-vest were quite brutal. Especially when you find out they were really used!

Sienna’s restaurants and bars are very Italian, as you would expect, so it’s a lot of brushetta, pizza and pasta to eat and Marretti beer and wine to drink. Sienna reminded me of a smaller version of Verona and I’m glad we had a look.

Rob Kaay is an Australian author & musician

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