If you plan to visit the Greek Islands, like Santorini for example, I would strongly recommend you do not use Superjet Ferries.

Here’s why.

In Hania (Xania, Chania) we walked in to see the manager of a travel agency called GS Tours. We asked what day and time a ferry left, for the next day, from Iraklion to Santorini. She said there were two ferries. One at 8:30 and one at 8:50 a.m. Okay, we said, no-brainer, we’re excited to get there, we’ll take the 8:30.

She printed the tickets and said, Here you go, that’s 90 euros.

Out of interest we responded with, Oh, how much does the 8:50 cost?

40 euros, she said.

We’ll take the 8:50 then, we said.

It’s too late, I’ve already printed the tickets, she said.

We hung around for twenty minutes trying to explain to her that we never actually gave the go-ahead to print the tickets as we hadn’t been given all the details, but she insisted it was out own fault. She flat out refused to give us a refund and change the tickets.

We took her business card and called up the company Superjet, based in Athens, directly and spoke to customer service. We explained what happened and said we just want to change the tickets, it wasn’t our fault the agent printed them so quickly, and they hung up on us.

We tried again and this time they offered us a 50% discount. This didn’t help us because we still had to buy the 40 euro tickets. They flat-out refused to sort out the error any further.

Our only option was to call the Greek Island Police, which as you can imagine, would have been a waste of time, so we left it at that, leaving Superjet Ferries to rip us off to the value of $50 AU.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the next day we boarded at 8:30 a.m. We were one of the first people in board. They handed us allocated seat numbers, like a lottery system, and gave us bad-middle-top-deck chairs. When we requested to sit left-bottom, so we didn’t get sea sick (people prone to seasickness should sit towards the bottom and front of a boat) we were told, Don’t worry about the seat number, just sit where you like. We did that and you’ll never guess what happened. Everyone told us to move because we were in their seats.

We were forced to move upstairs and nearly projectile-vomited all over the place.

Superjet Ferries run an unreliable and unsatisfying service. From our experience they don’t care about english-speaking customers. Our advice is not to use them.