Here’s the thing… if you’re thinking about taking a day trip to Venice in Italy, you can forget about it. On the very first day you arrive, half of it is spent trying to get onto the island and find your accommodation. And, yes, that is assuming you’ve got a map. With that in mind, I highly recommend splurging in Venice and booking a hotel room or apartment for at least four nights. Don’t stay on the mainland in a tent or cheap hotel with the intention of busing-in for the day. Trust me, you’ll regret it. Venice takes time.

My girlfriend and I, we stayed at a great little place called Ca’ Zora (as a birthday present from her awesome dad) near Rialto, which is near Campo Santa Maria Formosa. If you’re interested, here’s a link to their website. Each morning at 10 a.m. we had breakfast buy gabapentin reddit delivered to the courtyard to prepare us for our giant daily adventure.

Like I said earlier, it took most of the first day just to find and get settled in to our apartment in Venice. We started out by parking our rental car on the mainland. We found a great place called Autoservizi Delfino on Corso del Popolo in Venezia where we parked our car for 10 euros a day. Trust me, this is an awesome price. If you park in Venice, across the bridge, it will cost you double. We then caught a bus directly across the road from where we left the car, and it took us across the road-bridge to Venezia for about three euros. From the bus station in Venice, it’s only 500 meters to the water-bus station and then a few kilometers down-stream to Rialto for about twelve euros. (A taxi-ferry will cost you 60 euros for 2km). This public-ferry ride is the beginning of the good-buzz you’ll get just being in Venice and that’s when the real fun begins. With a map, it is still insanely-hard and mega-frustrating to make your way through the maze-like buildings and dozens of bridges to find Ca’ Zora or wherever else you’ve booked. Just remember, the first day is all about getting there. Try not to get too frustrated. Expect to be lost.

Over the next three days we ate at some amazing restaurants and sampled insane ice-cream flavors.

We visited San Marco’s square, the Peggy Guggenheim museum (original Picassos, Rene Magritte, Kandinsky, Dali, Max Ernst, Joan Miro), the Rialto Bridge, the Pescaria Markets (fish markets) and the island of Murano – where the famous Venice glass is created.

And just when you understand how awesome and unique Venice is on this cozy little planet of ours, you go out exploring at night-time and it’s a whole new experience.

I haven’t been everywhere around the world yet, but I will say this. I love Perth & Melbourne (Australia), I love Nice (France), I love Como & Bellagio & Verona (Italy), I love Los Angeles and I love New York… but… I REALLY love Venice. It is an absolute must-see before you die. It will open your eyes. Make up a two-year plan and start saving.


Rob Kaay is an Australian author & musician

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