After shopping around in multiple travel stores and examining dozens buy lexapro 10 mg of different brands, we decided to go with the One Planet brand of backpacks, which are manufactured in Australia.

We specifically chose these bags because they are water resistant, have sturdy skateboard-type wheels, an adjustable-long-handle and strong stitching, unbreakable zips and thick rubber-cornered protector pads. And, just for the record, no – we were not given these bags free of charge.

When most people travel, they seem to choose the old-school lengthy backpacks that don’t have wheels on the bottom or adjustable handles. This is wrong. Unless you’re spending most of your trip climbing mountains, I highly recommend getting a backpack with wheels and an adjustable handle. If you’re walking around airports, along streets to the next backpackers, then the One Planet backpacks are the way to go because of what I yapped on about above. But for all you stair-climbers, there’s a hidden back-strap that’s thickly padded.

See. They thought of everything.